Do you have insurance?   Yes. Both Public Liability and Public Indemnity.

What happens if your camera breaksdown?   I have a full back up of complimentary equipment and am doubled up with spare camera bodies, lenses, flash guns, endless batteries, portable flash units and more. I can’t afford not to be, as your wedding is too important to me as well.

Are you the actual photographer?   Yes, there’s me and my trusted accomplice when required. The Wedding Picture is not a franchise operation.

Why are there two of you?   We work as a team, both compliment one another and will be seeing things from differing points of view, perspectives and focal lengths throughout the day. During the Ceremony we can get shots from both the front and back with minimal movement. And of course, whilst one of us is photographing the groups, the other can be catching the guests relaxing and enjoying themselves.

Can we have black & white pictures as well as colour?  Of course. With digital capture, both are available from the same file and, with some judicious processing, absolutely gorgeous black & white prints can be achieved. A fine example of this is of the lovely Catharina in the back of the Rolls Royce – the first two photographs in the Gallery After.

What happens if the weather plays up?   I always try to recce the venue(s) before the event to get a ‘Plan B’ in place and, why it makes sense for us to meet up beforehand to have a pre-production discussion. As a professional photographer I’m paid to deliver the results – regardless.

What do you wear to the wedding?  I’m quite often asked this by prospective clients as it seems some photographers feel they need to dress like a photographer – Whatever that maybe? Always a dark suit and tie and the same goes for my colleague. We need to blend in unobtrusively not being the centre of attention ~ That’s your role.

What style of photography do you take?   We are there to record your day as it unfolds. This could be called reportage and, with two of us in attendance we tend not to miss anything, giving you a complete pictorial story of your day. We make the time for the formal group pictures as we understand these could be very special gatherings – possibly to never be repeated family heirlooms. We also make sure everyone has fun and enjoys having their pictures taken. The one thing we don’t do is ask your guests to go into amusing poses as suggested by some wedding photographic magazines and articles.

Do I need to arrange food for the photographers?   Something to eat whilst you are eating yours would be fantastic. We don’t stop working and we don’t photograph people eating but, we do need refuelling to keep our energy & concentration levels up. A corner nearby, so we are ready to capture any fun moment would be just perfect.

What can I do with the pictures/DVD?  They are yours to keep for personal non-commercial use. All the high resolution files on DVD are optimised to print from and, if required I can give your printer a letter of authorisation. Please see my Recommended Supplier page for a suggested printer.

What happens if we need to postpone the wedding?   Assuming we are available, we can re-schedule the date and transfer the booking fee. However, the booking fee is non-refundable if the wedding is cancelled, unless of course we can replace it with another wedding for the same day.

Do you supply albums?   Yes and I am more than happy to help you in the choosing of the pictures along with the design and layout. Please see my album pages for ideas and costs in creating a bespoke album for you. I am not in the business of appearing to charge you very little to get the commission, to then trap you into purchasing the prints or albums through me. I am here to collaborate, advise and help you throughout. I firmly believe in longterm relationships in my business.

Once a client ~ ~ Always a client.