Every wedding is unique and very special to each couple, with no two the same.

With this in mind, it is important we try meet before the day to discuss your requirements to establish the timings and details of your day, to ensure I can get shots you want. I am completely flexible in my approach, preparing and planning meticulously beforehand so I can guarantee you great pictures.

Always having a Plan B up my sleeve, just in case of any unforeseen circumstances or the weather deciding to misbehave.

We can also go through any special requests you may have and discuss if there’s a particular style you’re after.

Do have some tear sheets ready if you feel it would help.

Meeting beforehand allows us to get to know one another and, on the day, gives you a friendly face behind the camera.

Usually, one of us will be with the Bride as she prepares and the other with the Groom and his friends. We then meet up for the Bride’s arrival and the ceremony itself.

With two of in attendance throughout, there’s twice the number photographic opportunities and angles giving you a far greater coverage of your day as it unfolds. For instance, whilst one of us is arranging a group photo session, the other can be photographing close up details or some of your guests.

We can stay on for as long as you would like. If required, throughout the evening party until the ties have slipped and the last dance.

We’re there to capture the fun moments and to ensure you enjoy having us around to do so.

Once a client, always a client of The Wedding Picture
and I look forward to meeting again in the not too distant future.